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While Nashville is abundant in DIY home studios, we recommend utilizing our state-of-the-art HOME Studio.

Not only is it tucked away and isolated from any outside disturbances, but its sound quality is also professional grade. We ensure that both our control room and isolation booth provide the tools needed to create top-notch tunes. The whole facility is decked out with Waves SoundGrid Systems, and we even built a custom live streaming system to broadcast your awesome projects. Not to mention, the vibey interior layout and design optimizes free flowing creativity.

The wooden panels and accented furniture break up the typical all-black interior studios for a more relaxed and welcoming feel, like a cave of musical wonders.

Not only does it add visual value to the space, but the panels also ensure the serene space is acoustically tuned. Ambient lighting in the isolation booth also provides an artsy atmosphere while recording vocals, to further inspire a stellar performance.

For those in the co-writing crowd,

our spacious room has plenty of seats and table space for collective brainstorming, making it the perfect spot for creating kickin' co-writes.

It's time to talk tech.

We have the ultimate advanced technology set-up. Let your eardrums bask in the sweet vibrations of our Yamaha NS-10 speakers, perfect for hearing tiny details, and making treble and mid frequencies shine. If it sounds good on NS10s, it will sound good anywhere! Plus, we have unlimited routing options. 

Once the recording is all wrapped up, feel free to finesse with our mixing panel the size of a spaceship control center to nitpick and make those intricate edits that only you can hear, but add to the overall sound quality of your masterpiece.

Sure we can talk the talk, but we can also walk the walk.

[a preview of HOME recorded music coming soon!]

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HOME Producers - $30/HR

Everyone else - $75/HR with engineer included.

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