PRO Membership


or $100/mo. flex payment option

For a limited time we are offering a $50 monthly booking credit for one full year to new Pro members! Don't miss this offer.

Are you ready to go Pro?

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HOME Pro Membership offers the Homies 24/7 access to a cutting edge recording studio, performance venue, rehearsal space, co-working and community center. This is a one year commitment and not appropriate for beginners.

Ideal members are:

  • mindful, considerate, and have a positive attitude.
  • talented and already have noticeable experience.
  • disciplined, focused, and motivated to succeed.
  • dependable, consistent, and easy to work with.
  • teachable and open to feedback.
  • willing to invest time and money into their careers.
  • productive and ready for business development.
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HOME Space

Walk into HOME Space, and you'll hear why it is perfect for rehearsal, tracking drums, or a private meeting. Thanks to generous donations from Fannie's House of Music and Deadwood Guitars, there are great instruments for the Homies to use. The unique table was created by local artist Maggie Sanger. 

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HOME Studio

Get out of your house and into HOME Studio. We worked very hard to make this control room and isolation booth sound amazing. We tied in the whole facility via Waves Sound Grid, and even built a custom live streaming system. And we gave it some extra vibe to ensure that creativity flows freely. 

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HOME Stage 

If you need a live room to showcase your talent, host an event, or produce your content, HOME Stage sets you up for success. The room can be configured to suit your specific needs, and there is plenty of truss to program the perfect light show. The room is also enabled for multi-track recording.

HOME Facility Layout.png

Now accepting applications.