EAST Nashville Podcasting Studio

…where the room is acoustically treated, all the gear is provided, and you can guarantee that you’ll produce high quality recordings.

Use the 3D Photo below to take a look around Nashville’s HOME for Podcast Creators!

Not only is the HOME studio equipped with wooden panels and accented furniture to create a more relaxed and welcoming feel, it is tucked away and isolated from any outside disturbances. The sound quality is professional grade. We ensure that both our control room and isolation booth provide the acoustic treatment needed to create top-notch recordings. The whole facility is decked out with Waves SoundGrid Systems, and we even built a custom live streaming system to broadcast your awesome projects. Click here if you are interested in live streaming from the studio.

The vibey interior of HOME Studio is designed to optimize free flowing creativity for the following personas: Nashville Producers, Recording Engineers, Songwriters, Video Content Creators, Live Streamer, Podcast Creators, Mixers and Master Professionals. This space is available to you 9AM-9PM, 7 days a week!

Lastly, please understand that the HOME Studio is not your average bedroom studio. This facility can be complicated to handle if you do not have adequate experience. But no worries HOMIE, we got you covered. Click here to connect with qualified professionals in the digital content realm.

We have the ultimate advanced technology set-up for you to produce the best content you possible can at affordable price!

Use the scheduler below to book Your Next Podcast. There are options to schedule with or without an engineer to run your session.

See you soon!