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With professional grade sound quality, courtesy of Waves SoundGrid Systems, you and your podcast guests and listeners will enjoy the soothing sound of organic conversation.

Centrally situated near Five Points, our location serves as an easy meet-up spot for people coming from all corners of Nashville. After the wrap-up, shuffle down Main Street for a hot slice of pizza or mosey on over to your favorite munch spot in East Nashville.

For your fundamental guests,

our spacious studio room has plenty of seats and table space for that special featured guest, allowing a comfortable and relaxed experience for everybody. Not to mention, the vibey interior layout and design optimizes chill chit-chatting.

And we even built a custom live streaming system to live broadcast your podcast in our event space! 

Since the multi-purpose recording studio serves as a space for musicians to create their music, the room is absolutely perfect for musical guests to perform live on the podcast and showcase their talents!

It's time to talk tech.

We have the ultimate advanced technology set-up, with an optional 1 hour set-up tutorial with one of our very patient sound specialists. Having any prior tech knowledge is not necessary to use our easy set-up!

With unlimited routing options, you can easily save your recordings to ProTools, or use our DAW system connected to you laptop.

Options for mics include Roswell mics, for a warm and classic radio sound, and Lewin mics, for a bright and transparent tone that is specifically exceptional for podcasts.

Sure we can talk the talk, but we can also walk the walk.

To listen to the sound of HOME recorded podcasts, check out this homie podcast, a different homie podcast, or maybe a homie wildcard! 

It’s time to book your recording slot hassle-free through our website!

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Pro - $20/HR

Community - $40/HR

Online - $60/HR

Non-member - $80/HR

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