HOME Member testimonials

Soon we’ll be sharing “case studies”, but for now check out these quotes from some of our incredibly talented and gracious Homies.


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This dude (HOME Founder - Logan Crowell) is bringing to this town what so many music-driven creatives have been seeking for so long. He's all about community and creating space to help enable people to live their best lives, and he understands how imperative being surrounded by other driven, passionate people is to the process....which is what HOME is all about! Paradigm-shifting, indeed.


The powerhouse thinker that started it at all! Beyond bringing HOME to life, Logan really is an advocate for the creative community in Nashville [and beyond]. He's constantly connecting people to opportunities and looking for inventive ways of doing things. I'm so grateful for all of his efforts!


brad dollar

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“Nowhere else in Nashville can you find the blend of creative force and entrepreneurial spirit developing at HOME. I've lived in Nashville for nearly 8 years observing, learning, and growing as an artist in the modern music industry. I've made more connections and learned more practical, applicable lessons in 6 months at HOME than at any other period of my time in Nashville.

Having a dedicated place to go where I can connect with other business-minded artists who are serious about deepening their creativity and growing both their creative skills and business acumen has been an incredible opportunity. I'm excited to see what the next year of HOME will bring.”


" H.O.M.E has become a meeting point that has opened some amazing relationships and doors for me when I just moved to town. Creatively, I've met some of the nicest and most talented people within this community.

Because of Logan, and his vision and ability to communicate with the creative community he has been the crutch and conversation starter for us all. He is always thinking about his community and his (Homies) first. I can't wait to see what lie's ahead for H.O.M.E and proud to be apart of it. "


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“The overall energy of the staff and venue space in H.O.M.E. was impeccable. The hospitality and utilities provided made the experience feel very comfortable while maintaining a high quality, organized, and professional value of production.

So many of my audio nerd friends were blown away with the live sound mix in this space. I personally couldn’t believe my eyes and ears after receiving the live video performance + live recording content that was shared with James (Brock) and I after our performance.”


“HOME is a phenomenal concept that gives members a base of operations for all of our practical needs. From rehearsal space to a recording studio, HOME has it all. I'm so stoked this concept came to East Nashville!”



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“HOME is the perfect incubator for musicians.  It has allowed us to meet pivotal contacts in the industry very quickly and to meet with them in a professional environment.   The facility itself is allowing our clients and myself to build our musical vision from the studio, to rehearsals, to the stage, all at a rate that musicians can afford.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


“HOME has provided an incredible space, as well as relationships, in Nashville that I wish were available when I moved here 12 years ago. Passions and opportunities have been reignited that could have been otherwise snuffed out. My number one most frequent “accusation” has always been that I’m “overly ambitious.” I wear this proudly as a badge on my shoulder and feel my ambitions are not only encouraged but empowered in this place I’ve come to call HOME. :)”


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I've been a member of HOME since the beginning and it's already been an invaluable resource for me to meet awesome musicians and share in our love for music and community. Thanks to Logan, Mary and all involved for bringing this vision to life. Excited to see what the first year brings!


“HOME is a beautiful dream that Logan came up with in his mind and our community is fulfilling. I am so happy to be a part of one of the most forward thinking groups to challenge the status quo of the music industry. HOME is the new music row and I am not the one who came up with that. People are chatting around town and the word is out. This is the place you want to be for the next wave of new music.” 


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"It's crazy that only a year after it's opened I have a hard time imagining Nashville without HOME. HOME is like the song Imagine by John Lennon in location form for musicians.”

- David DiMuzio

"Home has been great to me. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, I can find encouraging creatives to be around. Its nice to have a sense of camaraderie and community in a town that is more often competing with each other than upliftings. HOME is different.”


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“HOME has helped me build both personal and professional relationships. It is so comforting to feel that I have a supportive team that will help in anyway they can and I will always do my best to be an active member of this amazing community.”