Nashville Networking opportunities

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Looking for golden connections to help you push your career?

As a member, you can enjoy the benefit of our HOME directory, accessing a short bio and contact information of all our homies. HOME's member directory has a keyword search option to eliminate wasteful guesswork, allowing you to find the perfect person with precisely the right skill set you're looking for. Also, both members and non-members can check out our Homie Spotlight page and read a more in-depth article about some of our awesome homies to see how they can lend you a helping hand. Maybe you can even help them out! What goes around comes around, am I right?

In the music industry, it's more about who you know and the connections you can make rather than the size of your resumé.

HOME can help you evolve your contact list and drive you in the right direction to make the most out of your talents and goals. Through our workshops, we choose renowned and experienced mentors in the music industry to come to HOME and talk to our awesome community about their expertise and insights. With our mentor sessions, those same gurus chat one-on-one by appointment with our homies to give them tailored guidance for their career paths.

To add some fun to networking,

we also host a weekly Variety Night at the HOME Headquarters, providing games, jam sessions, listening parties, and sometimes even live performances.

On top of that, HOME frequently hosts exciting events plus mindfulness, yoga, and work-out classes to keep our homies in tip-top shape inside and out. While improving yourself physically and mentally, meet homies with the same interests. No need to drop cash on drinks in loud and crowded bars to meet industry folk! 

Everyone is welcome at HOME :) 

Find your place in Music City today!