Hans Lorei

Musician, Real Estate Agent, Business Partner

Wearing multiple hats, but sticking only to what he loves doing, Hans is a creative critic at heart and applies his skills to several fields

With no clear plan other than to move from Pittsburgh to Nashville, Hans Lorei was sure of two things: he wanted to play music, and he would create opportunities for himself.

He chose to move to Nashville of all places 6 years ago for a change of scenery, an escape from the brutally cold weather in PA, and because he already had a friend living here who could smooth the transition.

The music bug hit Hans at the tender age of 6 when his mother bought a Yamaha keyboard sporting all the bells and whistles; once he produced his first drum loop, his destiny to be a creator was carved in stone. Music being in the family, there were always guitars and various other instruments lying around the house asking to be picked up and played. Later in High School, he participated in a myriad of bands that inevitably fizzled out.


The first CD to land in the palms of Hans’s hands was a compilation of 80s and 90s pump-up sports anthems, otherwise known as Jock Jams.

A few other musical influences are artists such as The Talking Heads, Animal Collective, Discovery—which is a stand-alone collaborative project with the keyboardist from Vampire Weekend and the vocalist from Ra Ra Riot—as well as 70s rock bands like ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) and Supertramp.

Post-formative years, more specifically towards the end of May 2018, Hans became a member of HOME. Being a long-standing fan of CD Baby, he first heard of us through their podcast event hosted at our space; though, it was actually difficult finding the HOME entrance of the Center 615 campus, he tells me. Regardless, he stayed through the end of the event and schmoozed with notorious founder Logan, who impressed him with The Grand Tour, and he decided to sign on up. As an autonomous entrepreneur, it is refreshing to have access to a workspace that is separate from his living quarters; mingling with other creatives and musicians, there is an addictive synergy and meeting of ideas for honest collaboration without a competitive ulterior motive.


An accurate description of Hans today is someone who wears several hats. His gift, which he calls “Analytics and Ideas Refinement” is looking at how things can be improved, such as aesthetics of a space, marketing strategies, and song edits, to name a few. Definitive equivalents of his skills applied to specific fields would be an Editor for journalism, a Consultant for a business, and a Producer for music.

His current hats include working as a writer and musician for his band Saunas, a Real Estate Agent in the presently booming housing market (knock on wood), and a Business Partner with his buddy who founded a start-up called Uplift.

The start-up is in the process of working on a patent for a wheelchair lift designed for use with high-top counters in bars, restaurants, and live music venues. According to the Americans for Disabilities Act, a person bound to a chair cannot cause undue burden to an establishment; this new lift, however, will remove the idea of undue burden and provide fair accessibility for patrons in a wheelchair. The lift will be a collapsible platform that raises and lowers the height of the chair via remote.


Regarding the housing market, there is an unusually high demand for places with either space for an in-home studio or an already existent home studio, something Hans considers an “only in Nashville” thing. Luckily for us HOME members, we don’t have to worry about constant access to a semi-decent sounding studio; 615 Main Street has us covered.

Of course, I can’t go without illuminating Hans’s band Saunas, self-described as alt-wave. Consisting of three members and claiming Nashville as their stomping grounds, they’ve definitely got a late 70s/early 80s groove with an infectious beat worth dancing, or at least tapping, to. With an EP on the horizon, it is vital to be in the know, so follow their socials!

One final word and a bit of life advice to all: sometimes you realize you’re good at things you don’t enjoy doing, but simply because you can do something, doesn’t necessarily mean you should pursue it.

Also, you look ridiculous taking pictures of pitiful Nashville “snowfalls” as if they’re the most magnificent things in the universe.

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Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/saunasfeelsgood

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Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/artist/27PSPrxwsYUNFjN9bkg4oF?si=Q8iDFoWxQbqnZLueB2hJuA

Interviewed and written by Andra Ingram