Wendy Child

Local Honest Pop Artist

Hot releases on the way, former contestant on The Voice, private music tutor on the side, wife to a Producer, and proud mother of a Rat Terrier 

An average, everyday e-blast from the network of overshadowed pop genre artists in Nashville, The Other Nashville Society, is what (probably) first introduced Wendy Child to HOME.

The digital letter announced a mixer that was to be held at the HOME location. After a post-event grand tour of the community campus, soaking in the awesome vibes and seeing how beautiful a family of like-minded music folk can be, Wendy decided to officially join. Her favorite thing about HOME? The opportunity to leave her house that freelancing as an artist inevitably draws her into.

As far as being in Nashville goes, Wendy has lived here for less than a year! July will mark her first anniversary of moving here from Dallas, TX. Originally from Colorado, the infamous Nashville humidity has obviously been an adjustment. Another unforeseen obstacle Wendy encountered was when she and her husband initially moved to Donelson but consistently had a horrific mouse problem. After six months of rodent torture, they broke their lease and settled in cozy, historic Franklin where her husband works as an A&R rep by day and Producer/Sound Engineer by night.

Like most other people who move here, dreams of becoming a music star pulled Wendy to Nashville. Her dream’s humble beginnings started with her first studio recording experience at age 18, which was also when she first met her producer husband. Having always wanted to live in a musical city, she was naturally drawn to Music City, USA due to the overall attitude here of what can I do for you versus what can I get from you that is frequently found elsewhere.

Rewinding to before her first recording session, Wendy grew up with parents who were into Christian music and strongly encouraged her to love bands such as Superchick, the genre’s alleged Britney Spears equivalent. At age 12, she began writing her own music and playing the guitar in order to impress a guitarist heartthrob she had her eyes on; she took guitar lessons from the dreamboat, but alas it was not meant to be. Moving on, the Christian music track carried over into High School where Wendy played in a band she believes was called Standing Saved...or something like that. In her first year of college, drunk on the newfound freedom of being away from home and her parents, and trying to find a genre that properly fit her as an artist, she bought a pocket-sized, four string ukulele, learned how to play it, and wrote a song on it in a single night. Her new roommate was less than thrilled, to say the least.


Further into her music career, Wendy participated in season 7 of The Voice.

In 2014 she began the audition process with an open call in Colorado. The open call led to a filmed callback the next day in a small studio with a producer, which led to an interview process including psych evals, which led to a flight to LA, which led to more interviews with hair, makeup, and full glam, which led to the actual blind auditions to be aired on TV.

Six weeks prior to the big, blind audition, she and the other final 90 contestants were sequestered in a hotel in LA and actually had all modes of contact with the outside world taken away from them during the final week of filming auditions, to prevent results from reaching the ears of contestants who had not yet sung in front of the celebrity coaches. Wendy recalls sitting by the hotel pool or the fire pit with other phone-robbed contestants and just staring at each other out of boredom. Luckily, around the corner from the hotel was a small pet shop where mostly the female contestants traversed to and released their woes through self-prescribed puppy therapy. Unfortunately, Wendy never made it on-screen, due to the show trying to compensate for millions of dollars lost daily from postponing filming for a week in order for Pharrell to recover from an illness. The last scheduled day of filming never happened, and the four teams of 12 contestants filled up before the other half of the contestants had the opportunity to perform for the blind audition.

But the story doesn’t stop there! Since Wendy’s most exciting but never-to-be-repeated experience, she has encountered numerous former Voice contestants at random places in Nashville. When meeting former contestants, there is an unspoken attitude of “once you’re in the family, you’re in it for life,” so out there in the music world there is an ever-expanding family of entertainment TV veterans. If this applies to you, feel free to contact Wendy for emotional support or general story sharing.

That aside, all of Wendy’s crazy music experiences have carried her to where she is today, releasing a series of Honest Pop singles throughout 2018.

With her current project, Wendy delves into an unapologetic and truth bearing pop vibe. Sadly, however, the ukulele does not make an appearance (darn). For her release strategy, a highly debated topic with her producers, she has chosen to release a series of several singles as opposed to the more traditional approach of releasing a whole EP or album, due to the change in how music is currently consumed. Since the success of pop music relies heavily on Spotify playlist features, Spotify being the king of music streaming and consumption, releasing a full album simply does not make sense anymore. A stream of singles builds traction, allows for artist growth, and gives music consumers a reason to keep paying attention. Using this tactic, Wendy builds a lasting momentum that reflects her non-stop drive as an artist.


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Music: http://wendychildmusic.com

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6s7bcPZT7f6G51ozLgbQsR

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wendy-Child-191453047239/


           Interviewed and written by Andra Ingram