HOME Stage

HOME Stage is the perfect place to host a Nashville Event that is uniquely your own! Many of the Nashville Music Venues today are specifically meant for performing artists, but we at HOME offer something different. With our stage design, our facility can be modified to be used as a one of a kind show for the Nashville Music Scene, workshops, industry meet ups/showcases, and fashion shows. Even for the non-performers or speakers, the HOME Stage is a perfect opportunity to work on your videography concepts, as well as lighting and sound design.

The HOME Stage has natural reverb, full PA system and new custom sound panels! Furthermore, the stage can be back-lined with drum kit. Get out of the house and into the HOME Stage for a highly customizable experience.

Book HOME Stage today.

Email us at info@helpingmusic.org, call/text 615.543.8863, or fill out the form here. We look forward to connecting!