HOME for songwriters


Having a Creative Cowriting Membership means that you no longer have to wonder how you are going to connect with new cowriters or take the best songs and turn them into a finished product.

It also means that you are part of a collective of talented musicians, producers, and music business professionals who will help you make better records and find more ways to get your songs heard.

HOME Members who need cowriting spaces can gain access to Center 615 after hours for only…


or $800/yr.


Availability is limited and HOME is filling up fast, so join today!

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It’s time to find your HOME in Nashville.

Write your next smash with a new Homie.


HOME Creative Cowriting Membership includes:

  • 24/7 key card access.

  • 50% off non-member booking rates.

  • Real time booking portal for HOME Space and HOME Stage.

  • Online member directory (250+ contacts).

  • Unlimited meetings in the Homies Lounge with FREE coffee.

  • 2 Co-working day passes each week (M-F 9a-5p).

  • Unlimited Center 615 after-hours conference rooms.

  • Courtyard, rec hall, rooftop lounge, and fitness center.

  • Members-Only workshops, listening sessions, and mixers.

  • Professional development and collaboration opportunities.

HOME HQ is located in Center 615 - Nashville’s coolest coworking community - which gives Homies after hours access to 6 professional meeting rooms that can be used for writing, workshops, planning, preproduction, and content creation.

These rooms are available FREE of charge to HOME Creative Cowriting members M-F after 5p and anytime on Sat./Sun.

Need cowriting spaces M-F 9-5?

Through a local partnership, HOME Creative members have the option to get a Creative Cowriting membership ($80 value) and a 24/7 membership to The Workshop on Music Row ($50 value) for only $100/month (a $30/mo. discount)!

Contact us for details.


Not only does HOME Membership provide networking and development opportunities, you get 24/7 online real-time booking access to 2 professionally equipped creative rooms ideal for band rehearsal, content creation, and live performance.


HOME Space

Walk into the acoustically treated HOME Space, and you'll hear why it is perfect for full band rehearsal, drum tracking, or private meetings. Back line is provided.

HOME Stage 

If you need a live room to dial in your light show and stage presence, HOME Stage has plenty of truss ready for you. The room also is equipped for multi-track recording.