HOME for music Producers


Having a Creative Production Membership means that you have immediate access to a rapidly growing talent pool of motivated and ambitious artists who are looking to connect with Nashville’s hottest music producers, audio engineers, and content creators.

It also means that you will have the opportunity to join an ongoing dialogue about the industry and learn from award-winning professionals.

We know you already have a home studio, but you should come check out HOME Studio. The perfectly tuned room and vibey decor inspires the talent 24/7 for only…


or $1000/yr.


Availability for this membership is limited to 100 talented and professional content producers.


It’s time to find your HOME in Nashville.

Come hear the room for yourself.

HOME Creative Production Membership includes:

  • 24/7 key card access.

  • $60 booking credit each month.

  • Exclusive scheduling for HOME Studio.

  • 60% off non-member booking rates.

  • Real time booking portal.

  • Online member directory (200+ contacts).

  • Unlimited meetings in the Homies Lounge with FREE coffee.

  • 1 Co-working day pass each week (M-F 9a-5p).

  • Unlimited Center 615 after-hours conference rooms.

  • Courtyard, rec hall, rooftop lounge, and fitness center.

  • Members-Only workshops, listening sessions, and mixers.

  • Professional development and collaboration opportunities.

Creative Room Rates:

HOME Producers enjoy the lowest room rates and have exclusive access to HOME Studio.

HOME Space

Walk into the perfectly silent HOME Space, and you'll hear why it is ideal for drum tracking, pre-production, rehearsal, or private meetings. Back line and PA system is provided.

HOME Studio

Once you step foot into this vibey, custom-treated control room you’ll never want to leave. It’s equipped with an iso-booth, Roswell Mics, NS10s, and the incredibly clear sound of ADAM Audio S3Vs.

HOME Stage 

Our largest tracking room is well treated and equipped for multi-track recording via Waves SoundGrid. Come get a HUGE drum sound, track a live band, and even LIVE STREAM!


Take a virtual tour of your new home