HOME Membership explained

Helping Our Music Evolve (H.O.M.E.) is a nonprofit membership organization connecting talented music professionals with each other, with people who support their art, and with numerous helpful resources.

HOME Members (aka Homies) range from aspiring artists and recent audio engineering grads to GRAMMY winning producers and major label executives. The common thread is that we all believe that music deserves to have a HOME where it can grow and thrive and EVOLVE…

Click the link below to take a 3D virtual tour of the HOME HQ 24/7 music industry coworking and production facility in East Nashville.

HOME Value

What all do we offer?

  • 24/7 Music Networking & Coworking

  • Recording, Rehearsal, and Event Spaces

  • Mixing/Mastering Studio w/ Iso Booth

  • Full Band Live Multi-Tracking (24 inputs)

  • Writing/Meeting/Recreation Areas

  • Workshops, Listening Parties, Mixers

  • Music Video and Photography Space

  • Multi-Camera Live Streaming Syndication

  • Member Directory w/200+ Industry Contacts

Take your first step to becoming a HOME Member by scheduling a short phone call - up to 30 minutes - where we will outline your current goals and strategies and provide more information about the best membership options for you.

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