Letting the Team Teach Me

It’s hard to admit you don’t know everything about the business that you’ve started… or to admit that you don’t have all of the necessary skill sets to run the business. But it is absolutely imperative to understand that fact and embrace it, whether it means forcing yourself to learn new things or hire new talent.

team quote 1.jpg

I’ve been called a Jack of All Trades on so many occasions. And I take it as a compliment. To me it means that I have a broad understanding of many topics and a proficiency for numerous activities. I like to think of myself as a “well rounded” individual. 

As HOME has grown, that is one of the main reasons it has been so hard for me to relinquish control over the day to day operations. But somehow, fortunately, the HOME Team has also multiplied over the past few months. For the first time ever, I am confident that everything is getting done.

And it is getting done faster than ever. 

I am learning so much from the HOME Team. We are developing extensive documentation, technological hacks, workflow automations, member tracking systems, a robust content strategy, etc. Each day brings a new level of awareness of how HOME should function. 


Not only that, HOME is improving by leaps and bounds right in front of my eyes. We are putting a microscope on the experience of being a HOME member so that we can identify and remedy any friction that is hindering the growth process. 


Make no mistake about it, that is the goal. If you join HOME as a member or a sponsor, we want your business to grow. That is what HOME is designed to do. It is a 501c6 “Business League” that improves business conditions within the music industry. 

That means your growth is our growth. And that, if you are a part of the organization, the HOME Team is your team. 


We want to lift you up and help you share your story and your art. We want to connect you with the music community and the industry in a more meaningful way. We want to share all that we have been learning… 

First I was learning from the members… and now I am learning from the team. Come meet them, and find out about the plans we have to make your art more visible and your business activities more fruitful. Come empower yourself through HOME.

I am so excited to watch it unfold as the HOME TEAM dives ever deeper into designing systems and perfecting the process of incubating musical talent and growing sustainable music businesses.

Logan Crowell