Searching for Solutions

There are no problems.

There are NO problems.


Sometimes I have to remind myself over and over again.


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Whether I look for them or not, situations arise constantly that challenge me to rethink what I am doing, how I am doing it, and whether it’s going to work.

I have used the analogy that each day feels like a giant Rubik’s Cube or a new level of Zelda where I have to focus all of my energy on solving the puzzle that lays before me.

And sometimes at the end of the day I am still searching for solutions. 

One of the biggest “problems” that most people face is money. If there were a singular, ongoing, greatest challenge that I could identify over the course of creating and building HOME, it would also be money.  

In my last blog post, I shared about how I “failed” in securing the first location for HOME. But once I found Center 615 and met Christian Paro (another visionary angel), I knew that HOME was becoming a reality. We actually found a place to do it… the PERFECT place… the hardest part was over…


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We started putting a budget together for the project, and quickly we knew it was going to be very difficult to come up with the money to make it happen. It was going to cost well over a million dollars to build out the nonprofit music community that would eventually be called HOME.

That was a “BIG PROBLEM”!

We were both going to have to leverage everything we could and put it all on the line


After a slew of meetings and phone calls and plans and proposals and financial statements, the solutions began to emerge. Creative financing and kind hearted bankers created a framework for HOME and Center 615 to get the capital needed for the buildout. Whew! We got the money! Surely the hardest part is over now…


Then we actually had to build it. And so it goes into a whole other story where even more angels had to lend a hand. Talk about PROBLEMS! But we got it built, and we got it working, and we got people to join…

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Surely the hardest part is now behind us…

You see where this is going. Each day presents a new set of challenges. If it is not money, then it is something else. But trust me when I tell you that it will seldom be more than you are capable of handling.

And when it is… and you fail… but you get back up… and go after it again… you will have learned the lesson that empowers you to make even greater accomplishments. 

No matter what you are dreaming up and working on…

dream big. work hard. Keep ON PUSHING.

If it is big enough you will have to constantly search for your own solutions. But if you let go of seeing the world through the lens of problems, you will learn to enjoy the act of allowing the solutions to reveal themselves. 

Your faith will be tested. But you must believe that the solution is there. Believe it. Search for it. If you are perfectly still and quiet your mind, it may just come to you. 

Logan Crowell