I’m in love with this idea of new beginnings… 

I’m not sure why, but I romanticize the notion of starting fresh… of learning your lessons, reevaluating your strategy, of being completely real with yourself about how you can become better. And then doing it.

transition quote.jpg

Of course the “new beginning” is simply a milestone moment; a transition from one paradigm to the next. Still, that sense of renewal, of opportunity, of enthusiasm for the boundless potential that lies ahead, that is a powerful feeling. 

I’ve learned beyond a shadow of a doubt that the single greatest determining factor for my success is my own mindset. I have a tendency to build future utopias in my imagination where everything works perfectly and makes sense. That outlook gives me the creative energy to make it happen. 

But nothing is ever perfect. 

Everything is constantly growing and evolving. As HOME embarks on year 2, I have to reconcile where we are at with where I imagined we’d be by now.

But instead of looking at it as “not hitting my goals”, I choose to look at it as an opportunity to integrate everything I have learned over the past year into a renewed vision and sense of purpose. 

Transitions are here to teach us.

It hurts to take honest feedback sometimes. But I need it to grow. And it’s hard to let go of old habits and challenge myself to become more efficient and more effective… to drive a greater and more measurable impact in the careers of HOME members. But that’s how I stay motivated. That’s what keeps me pushing forward… knowing that there are improvements to be made.

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I see how magnificent HOME can be. i see how talented our members are. And it inspires me.

We are transitioning into a new era of rapid and sustainable growth, of strengthening the core of the community, and of learning to empower music creators and their teams in a way that’s never been done before. 

I am so excited for year 2 of HOME, and if I can even accomplish half of what I plan to…

it will be nothing short of SPECTACULAR. 

Logan Crowell