Something happens every day that humbles me and reminds me how small and insignificant I am… and how short life really is. 

And inevitably something happens on the same day that reminds me that I am powerful and capable of manifesting what I want to see in this world. 

There is a delicate balance that exists between both of these ideas. The more we learn about our world the more paradoxical it becomes.

But one thing is certain… it is beautiful. And when we realize how beautiful and unbelievably complex that it is, there is a natural human emotion that begins bubbling to the surface: 



I have been through a lot of extremely unpleasant situations in my life. Over time, I learned to focus my attention on anything I could find that I had to be grateful for. 

Next time you feel like your life is in crisis, I encourage you to do the same. When you really look for them, you will be surprised by how many hidden blessings you uncover.

Eventually, I began to automatically reframe my perspective in a way that helped me find the brightest side in every moment. And I realized that state of mind is where I have the most power to change anything.

And if I am honest, most of the time what needs to be changed is myself. 

Finding the willpower to change yourself or the world around you is infinitely easier if you begin by appreciating what you already have… and even giving thanks for the painful experiences and tough lessons you’ve encountered along the way. 


The HOME Team and I have learned a lot of lessons over the past year. Personally, I have begun to catch a glimpse of how much work there still is to do… work that has a learning curve… work that makes me uncomfortable… work that is going to force me to step my game up considerably.

As challenging as that sounds, it’s exciting when I focus on what we’ve accomplished so far and all that we have to be grateful for:

  • First and foremost we are grateful for our amazingly talented members - 265 and counting - artists, managers, marketers, producers, videographers, photographers, entrepreneurs, and creatives of all kinds! The only reason this organization has grown to sustainability is because there were people who believed themselves enough to join, show up, and make an investment in their career. 

  • Secondly, we are grateful for our sponsors, donors, industry partners, mentors, teachers, and volunteers who believe in our mission to provide a HOME for music creators everywhere. We greatly appreciate all those who have given their time, money, gear, and other resources to the organization.

  • Third, we are grateful for the support of the local Nashville community. At this point the vast majority of our growth and member referrals come through word of mouth. We are SO thankful for anyone out there who is helping to spread the word that something like HOME now exists for our beloved Music City. 

If you have played a part in the journey by becoming a member, a sponsor, spreading the word, or even continuing to open our emails and read this blog, we salute you!

On behalf of the HOME Team and all the members - past, present, and future - THANK YOU for an amazing first year!!!

Logan Crowell