It's Consistency that Counts

Life is a long game. It’s a law of averages. Over time, the truth is revealed and excellence shines through in all forms.

With modern technology, the world is quickly becoming completely transparent. If you can train yourself to consistently deliver high quality results, people will overlook your occasional shortcomings. I felt the need to write about this topic for two reasons:

  1. In general business, it appears to me that most people are averse to taking risks due to their fear of failure. Instead of focusing on the fact that good performance, over time, yields good results, they focus on what might happen if they fail at one specifically challenging project or one big hairy audacious goal.

  2. In regards to music, the emerging business models for artists, producers, and content creators offer promising implications if certain key factors of their careers are developed and high quality content is delivered with consistency over time. 

Let’s start with number one. 

Let’s say you have a great business idea. But like most people, you don’t know where to begin. The more you try to learn and plan, the more you realize that you don’t have a clue what you are doing. 

The natural tendency is to become fearful of what might happen if you move forward and start working on your business. Venturing out into the unknown will likely cause you to fail many times along the way, but your imagination paints a distorted picture of what “failure” looks like in the real world.


Alternatively, you could look at your past. Do you remember when you couldn’t ride a bike or swim? Do you remember when you didn’t know how to do your taxes or your daily duties at your job? Yet, somehow, you were able to turn those activities, which were once scary and uncomfortable (maybe taxes still are) into feeling easy and second-nature. 

When looking back at your life, I’d bet you are able to remember so many more instances when you succeeded at trying something new than when you failed. Often it just takes a little bit of practice and the willingness to dive in over your head. 

Over time, your performance averages out and you become proficient at whatever tasks you need to perform to make your life work the way you want it to. Why should your next big hairy audacious goal be any different?

Now let’s talk about number two.

This is one of the revelations that led me to creating the business model for HOME. Everyone says success in the music industry is determined by… you guessed it - RELATIONSHIPS. Imagine a place where strategic music business relationships can be developed 24/7 with consistency and transparency… sounds like HOME, right 😉

What are some other key factors that determine success in this industry?

Talent, Brand, Business Development, and Marketing

Let’s assume talent is a gift. But a great brand trumps talent in today’s social media and information age. Assuming you develop a solid business model around your brand’s consumption, all you have left is marketing. Marketing is a constant testing and measuring game. As your brand messaging becomes stronger, you get a clearer picture of who your fans are and what they want.


Then you have to give it to them - consistently.

Thus, HOME’s 24/7 content creation facility with low cost and high level of efficiency due to the membership model and online scheduling.  

That leads me to the final piece that must be consistent - productivity. 

Ideally, your productivity increases as the demand for your product(s) increases. It is no longer about having one HUGE song on radio (although that would be nice). It is about consistently delivering high quality products or services to the marketplace while curating and strengthening your audience. 

So what your last release didn’t get x number of streams in the first 30 days? As long as you are consistent about releasing high quality content, while also consistently improving your brand messaging, business model, and marketing, you will enjoy a long-term, stable, and sustainable growth trend. 

Stop overthinking it! Learn to perform consistently at a high level and make sure you don’t push yourself so hard that you experience burnout or a productive backlash. Get around people who will inspire you to grow, learn, and get outside your comfort zone. Consistently spend time gleaning technique, inspiration, insight, and wisdom from others.

Play the long game and keep stepping your game up along the way. No matter what you decide to do, stay focused on those principles and be patient. You shall succeed!

Logan Crowell