Getting Clear for a New Year

2019 is going to be amazing. 

Whatever happened in 2018, for better or worse, is now in the past. It’s time to refresh our perspective and revive our outlook with positivity and enthusiasm for what’s coming up.


It was exactly 3 years ago when I had the original vision for what would eventually become HOME. For weeks prior I had been working to clear my plate of all the little nagging things in order to refocus on what would actually help me feel a sense of clarity for entering a new year and a new profession. 

It was the winter of 2015 that I decided I would put my dreams of becoming a professional musician on hold. Instead, I would help others achieve their dreams. I was heading far outside of my comfort zone, but all signs were pointing me in that direction. 

Here is what happened:

After years of playing guitar for 2-3 hours/day while also keeping up a very strict weightlifting and yoga routine, I began to experience what is known as a “repetitive use injury” in my left hand (my guitar fretting hand). Chronic inflammation and pain began to hinder my ability to play guitar. It eventually got so bad that I had to stop playing altogether. 


I felt such a deep sense of loss… a sense that I once again had to change my identity, recreate myself and rethink my purpose in life. I not only had to give up guitar, but drastically change my eating habits and exercise regimen. 

So during the holiday season of 2015, as classes slowed down I began to spend time planning how I could use my resources, interests, and intellect to start my own business. The drastic slowdown in my playing and workout schedule gave a lot of free time, and I made a resolution to use it wisely. 

It was my first experience of strategic visioning and planning as an entrepreneur. 

I did personality tests and branding exercises. I kicked around ideas with family, friends, mentors, and other musicians. I came up with an artist development and production concept. I prepared to execute. And I began the new year with a sense of clarity that I had rarely felt before in my life. I launched my first business on January 1st, 2016, and a few days later, in a moment of pure inspiration, I saw the vision for HOME.

Here’s the takeaway:

It is difficult to fully comprehend how much is gained from the planning sessions, the brainstorming, and the introspection. And in the face of endless modern distractions, it doesn’t seem convenient to make time for those activities. But I strongly believe that our greatest inspiration comes when we are clear of distractions. 


And inspiration is where the magic happens. So here are 3 tips for Getting Clear for the New Year:

  • Get on purpose. Why do you do what you do? How is it impacting or benefiting others? What activities have the potential to multiply that impact?

  • Use your imagination. We are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. The trick is getting clear of the distractions long enough to figure that out.

  • Pace yourself. Trying to change too much too soon is the easiest way to get burnt out. Just figure out what’s most important and teach yourself to spend more time on it.

May 2019 bring you wild success! 

Logan Crowell