Visionary Angels Part 1

Maybe I'm too ambitious. Maybe I'm too optimistic. Maybe I am a little bit crazy.

Or maybe life is short and I want to do something that counts. 


The initial reaction that I got when I started telling people about the vision was certainly not what I wanted to hear. 

Refusing to let myself be deterred, I joined the Center for Nonprofit Management and started the process of establishing Helping Our Music Evolve as a 501c6 business league. They put me in touch with a consultant who walked me through filing the appropriate paperwork with the great State of Tennessee and the IRS. 

It turned out that I needed a board of directors. And I was a full-time student at one of the most music-focused colleges on the planet... Belmont University. Right place, right time?

To make a long story short, I moved from Arkansas in the Fall of 2015 to study music business and production at Belmont University. My original focus was on propelling my own artistic vision forward, not helping others manifest theirs.


But I couldn't let this idea go. The more I thought about it the more excited I got. I had to find the right people to make it happen.

What makes me so passionate about HOME is that it isn't about competition among artists and scarcity of lucrative deals. It's about having the resources needed to grow a sustainable music career and making them immediately accessible.

Once the resources are available and a realistic operating budget is set, it's just a matter of being remarkable at what you do. As you learn to leverage the resources available and the connections you are making within the community, your career will grow naturally.

That could mean writing better songs with better co-writers, producing more engaging content in a vibey space, or dialing in your marketing strategy with tips at a workshop. 


The vision was so apparent and so compelling in my mind that I could not understand why I didn't have a lot of people chomping at the bit to climb the mountain with me.

But there's always an angel in this type of story.

Or in the case of HOME, multiple angels.

The first one was Nathan Adam. He was teaching my ProTools class and somehow figured out how to keep me focused on an extremely dry and technical topic. He is absolutely the best educator that I have ever encountered. I have a background as an educator and I aspire to one day captivate bright minds as well as he does.

Anyway, Nathan is the original HOME angel. He immediately saw the vision. And after getting to know me a bit better he chose to be our first board member. It was a pivotal moment in the history of HOME. 

Since then he has swooped in on angel wings on multiple occasions; donating his own pool table, letting us use his microphones, helping us produce video content, acting as a trusted advisor and much more. 

Somewhere along the way, I began to understand the concept of faith. I began trusting that, no matter how dismal or insurmountable the odds, the right person would come along at just the right time to get HOME over the next hurdle.

Nathan also introduced me to another visionary angel, Anthony Falcone, who ended up moving from LA to help me build one of the most cutting edge production facilities in Nashville.

But that's another story...