The Name that Keeps on Giving

So I am starting an organization. What does that mean? Obviously, I'll need to file paperwork. But first I need a name.

Not just a name... a brand. So what is my purpose? What is my mission? Why am I doing this?

music spiritual quote.jpg

I want to empower music creators.

What kind of music creators?

All kinds.


Because Music is spiritual. Music is transcendent. Music is a common language that unites us all.

So you want to help music?

Yes. Help Music.

Help music how?

Help Music be free to grow and learn and create and express and feel and dance and change.

music evolution.jpg

And to become the very best that it can be in whatever form.

To evolve?

Yes. To evolve.

Help Music Evolve

That sounds too bossy.

Help The Music Evolve

Still too bossy and too abstract.


How about “Helping Our Music Evolve”? You could call it HOME.

Haha, that’s pretty clever. Mom, what do you think?

That's it. That’s the one.

And the rest is history… well, not quite. As I dove deeper into the brand I discovered that it was absolutely perfect. Not only does it clearly define the purpose of the organization, the acronym HOME also indicates that there is a physical place... a real location where music creators can feel comfortable and creative and safe... just like home :)

One of the most surprising and interesting things about the name HOME is all of the funny and sometimes witty phrases that we use to describe the community.

Homies, HOME Team, HOME Studio, HOME Coming, HOME Run, HOME Free, HOME School, HOME Base, HOME Work... and the list goes on and on.

There is no way I could have predicted all of the various extensions of the HOME brand, and I keep discovering more as we go along. That's part of the fun. The brand is evolving, the community is evolving, and the space itself is evolving. Most importantly...


Music is evolving. 

Logan Crowell