Inspiration to Execution

It was January 6th, 2016, and I was eating dinner with a man named Jason Rashley, who had “worked” in the entertainment industry for quite a while.  

I knew that Jason was a con artist, but I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. He said that he had changed, and I wanted to believe him. 

We had just come back from setting up for a party at Kirt Webster’s house. Yes, that Kirt Webster. 


You may wonder, why was I hanging out with questionable people like that? At that time, in my heart, I was still a hopeful artist. Hopeful artists can easily be lured by people who claim to know all the right industry types and promise they can get them where they want to be; yet another reason why I was led to create an organization that can be trusted to give guidance to hopeful music creators.

Of course, I don’t need to tell you how it all played out with Mr. Webster, and if you want to know about Jason Rashley, just Google him.


We were in Mt. Juliet at Fulin’s Asian Cuisine and discussing artist development.

I was talking about all the business resources, gear, practice space, and recording time that aspiring musicians need, and how expensive the whole endeavor is. I had a good enough business sense to understand that it is inherently difficult to start a profitable company that provides those helpful, yet expensive, things to such a low-income demographic.

Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning. What if it could be done as some sort of nonprofit? What if we could find other brands, companies, influencers, and sponsors that believe in the mission and would support an organization that develops artists and empowers them to make waves in the industry?

Also, what if that organization had a professional workspace with a recording studio, rehearsal/writing rooms, and a small venue? We would give aspiring artists, bands, and producers a chance to really prove their talent. 

Notice I used the word “prove”. I often call HOME a “proving ground”. Definition: an environment that serves to demonstrate whether something, such as a theory or product, really works.

Historically, the recording industry has had many more failures than successes. Many more flops than hits. But of course, one big hit can pay back the investment made on all the flops and then some.


For this reason, the modern music industry has turned to social media data to give us an indication of whether an act is viable before making that investment. Call it market research. 

However, I would argue that, for developing artists, social media data doesn’t always reflect true artistic talent, nor does it indicate propensity for team work and the perseverance it takes to succeed in the music business. 

It simply means that there is already an audience.

Case in point: most contestants, finalists, and even winners of shows like American Idol and The Voice don’t end up with sustainable music careers. The audience is there, but there are so many other factors that need to be present as well. 

Here at HOME, one of our mottos is: “…because it takes a team.”

A successful artist or band is essentially a successful company, and quite often it is a partnership between multiple companies. 


The best companies are the ones with the best leaders, teamwork, and execution. Business ideas are great, but it’s the follow through that counts. 

The correlation is three-fold:

  1. HOME is a great concept, but we must build the team and execute with deft precision to fulfill the vision. That’s our challenge, and that’s what I plan to show each of you as you follow the progress.
  2. HOME is a proving ground. For emerging artists, great music can be compared to a great business idea. The proof will come in building a team of people around the music brand that can execute a profitable plan of action to get it out into the world. 
  3. HOME will help music creators become leaders by giving them the tools to develop their talent and the education needed to confidently and strategically navigate the industry. The teams will build naturally and organically because the organization attracts the business professionals and highlights the most impressive talent, while giving access to space in an unprecedented affordable manner.

From inspiration to execution, HOME empowers music creators and their teams like never before.

And we’ve only just begun…