Hindsight leads to Insight

Thanks for tuning in. I want to tell you a story. As hindsight inevitably leads to insight, it’s fitting that I start this blog on my 35th birthday. . 


The story begins with a frustrated musician. A person who believed that he could accomplish anything... until he tried building a music career quickly and efficiently in a strange industry that didn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

Of course that frustrated musician was me, and that initial feeling of frustration eventually led me to create HOME. 

Over the coming months and years I’ll be documenting our progress and illustrating the positive impact that HOME is having on the music industry and the art itself. If that sounds interesting to you, please keep up. I’ll only be writing one short essay per month at first, but I may gradually increase the frequency over time. 

In next month’s essay, I will be talking about the challenges that have arisen during the process of building HOME as well as the triumphs that the HOME team continues to make. I’ll also be talking about some of the magical experiences we have here at HOME and why it seems like the entire process is being guided by an invisible force. 

Until then Homies!