One of the most important aphorisms that an artist or entrepreneur should live by is “stay true to your vision”. The act of bringing an idea into physical form is an exercise in concentration… in focus… in determination.


I can’t count how many times I have been tested along the way, and how many distractions compete for my time and attention. Chasing after opportunities is a dangerous way to live one’s life. It was the vision that compelled me to start, the vision that has gotten me this far, and the vision that will continue to manifest as long as I am willing to serve it. 

But any visionary will tell you that sometimes our vision gets a little blurry. So how do we stay inspired?

Once we are so deep in operations and frustrations that everything isn’t perfect… how do we renew our resolution to make our dreams come true? How do we bring even more magic, more excitement, more enthusiasm to our day to day?

Get back on purpose.


Why did you start this project? If you are an artist, how do you want to make people feel? If you are an entrepreneur, how big is the need or problem that you have identified? What service or solution are you offering the world? What would you rather do with your life? How many people will be impacted if you succeed?

These are the types of questions that renew my faith, my strength, my unstoppable mindset. 

Once I recommit to my true purpose in life, I can further clarify my vision for the future. I don’t have to see the world as it is right now or think about the obstacles to fulfilling my mission. Instead, I grow in faith that I am on the right path, and I remember that each day is full of endless possibilities for new ideas, innovations, relationships, partnerships, and quantum leaps in understanding.


Faith provides me the space to imagine…

The imagination is one of our mind’s most powerful tools. Literally every man made object and system on Earth came from someone’s imagination… the songs we love, the money that we spend, the cars we drive, the computer I am typing on. Imagination gives us the power to create what the world needs.

So imagine the world that you believe in. Envision the best outcome for your life’s work. Feel the excitement of knowing that you have already accomplished your goal. Let the images flood in. Let the emotions add power and energy to your intention, your desire, and your service. 

See it in your mind. Speak it out loud. Seriously… speak it out loud. Now feel the sensation of success. 

With clear vision, unwavering purpose, and infectious enthusiasm, go forth and inhabit your destiny. 

Logan Crowell