The Power of Purpose

So I decided to dive in WAY over my head. That’s my style. That’s my cycle.

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I challenge myself. It motivates me. I push myself to perform at a higher level. I overcome my fears. I deliver results. HOME should be no different. 

But it is different, and I’ll tell you why:

There are more people involved (215 on the directory as of today). More people each day count on me and on the HOME Team to deliver massive value into their lives. That’s a lot to wake up to every morning… and sometimes it wakes me in the middle of the night.

Last night I awoke with concern over a member's account that may have been adjusted improperly, and occasionally I wake with a phone call from a Homie who is can’t get the studio to work right. It’s frustrating, but I honestly wouldn’t choose to do anything else. 

Even though I work 70 hours or more per week, I don’t feel overworked. If I could change one thing about it, I would figure out a way to spend more time with the members.

Being a leader. Teaching. Engaging. Creating. Working. Growing.

And that is my biggest challenge - time management. I have a lot to offer, and I have a heart for what I am doing. I know I can show up and make a difference. So where should I show up? 


When should I go somewhere else and find a new audience? Who should I go out of my way to reach out to and follow up with? And who will give all the tours and do all the business development and run the events and design the tech and improve the space while I am getting hands on with the Homies?

The answer is apparent. Actually it’s two answers: Team and efficiency. 

The HOME Team is incredible. To see what we have accomplished in such a short time, with such few people, on such a small budget is absolutely astonishing. That is the power of purpose. 

One of the great things about purpose is that other people feel it. Whether they know it or not, they can feel the magnetic pull. They can see the determination and the excitement that comes with changing the world in your own small, yet significant way.

We believe in what we are doing and that’s what makes other people believe. 

Some of the most commonly used music industry advice is, “it has to be believable”. And that’s absolutely true. I understood this as an artist and strived to write songs from that place of authenticity and genuine insight. 


What I did not understand is that purpose allows you to treat your entire life and business like a work of art. That’s what I have found with HOME, and that is what has opened so many doors for the organization. The world needs great art. Art with purpose.

Sometimes I feel like the antithesis of art is organization. Art is about unique expression and emotion. Organization is about efficiency and repetition.

We take seemingly complex and unmanageable situations and look for elegant, low cost, high impact solutions. It is absolutely worth putting in the hours to create systems that allow us to replicate processes, and leverage technology to deliver more results and reach more people. But it takes a while to get it all up and running with a small team.

At HOME, we are doubling down on efficiency and innovation. Design. Vision. Creativity. Art. So many plans. So many possibilities. Limitless potential comes with infinite challenges.

Still, here we are: the HOME Team, the Homies, our partners, sponsors, and supporters. Ready to build a HOME for the future of the music industry. We believe that more like us will show up with gifts of time, money and resources. But we are perfectly happy to roll up our sleeves and do our work in the meantime. 

That is the power of purpose. 

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