HOME is Where My Heart Is

I’ve been guilty of spreading myself thin in the past. Learning balance has been a lifelong challenge for me. 

Quote by Albert Einstein.

Quote by Albert Einstein.

I’m an artist, then an artist manager. I’m a songwriter, then a producer. I start one business, then another. I was the classic Jack of All Trades and master of none. 

But this HOME thing could be my masterpiece.

It could be my Magnum Opus. 

So at this point in the story it’s summer 2016. I’ve chosen the name and begun the planning process. I found a board member who’s very well respected in the industry, and filed the paperwork to make HOME a 501(c)(6) nonprofit business league. I’ve invested a little bit of time and money, and committed to moving forward with the project. 

I was also a full time student at Belmont. And things were heating up a bit with another business venture I started a week before I came up with the idea for HOME. 

I had designed an interesting business model that helps small music venues book talent and market their entertainment program. Once I was working with a few venues, I began to have a lot more artists and bands getting interested in what I was doing. 


I started building relationships with so many hopeful musicians and spending hours on the phone with them; learning about the difficulties they faced in trying to build their careers. And because I was studying music business at Belmont, I saw the huge need for access to a basic music business education. 

I understood that getting another gig was not the answer.

The answer was in building a team and creating sustainable audience growth. The answer was brilliant branding and marketing. The answer was getting plugged in with the industry and proving your ability to perform at that level. 

Even though I was booking a dozen shows each week and driving thousands of dollars into the hands of musicians, I realized it was never going to solve the bigger problem:

Musicians do not have access to the resources they need to build their careers. 

That fundamental understanding drove me over and over again to refocus on developing the HOME concept. No matter what project I was working on or what hat I was wearing, I kept coming back to HOME. 


My heart was pulling me in this direction… as if it were my purpose… as if it were my destiny. 

This is what I believe:

All humans want to do something that matters. Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They want to have a legacy to show that they did something important during their brief time on this planet. 

I know I do.

That’s why I have devoted my life to building a home for music creators.

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