Custom Creative memberships

HOME is designed to incubate talent and business by fostering a diverse ecosystem of musicians, producers, and skilled professionals.

We understand that the lives of creative people are adventurous and sometimes unpredictable. That’s why HOME is dedicated to solving your problems without breaking your pocket.

Memberships are available month to month or with yearly discounts. No startup fee. No charge to upgrade or downgrade your membership. No worries :)

Get out of the house and into HOME.


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A HOME for Songwriters who Need Space

Through a partnership with Center 615, we are able to offer a Creative Cowriting Membership that includes:

  • after hours access to 6 meeting rooms

  • exclusive collaboration opportunities.

  • Center 615 courtyard and rooftop access.

  • pitch and feedback opportunities.

HOME Producer.jpg

A HOME for Producers and Content Creators

Creative Production Membership is designed for professional audio engineers, music producers, and content creators:

  • two hours in HOME Studio FREE each month.

  • exclusive 24/7 HOME Studio booking.

  • lowest rental rates for creative rooms.

  • live and dead tracking spaces.

HOME Coworking table from above.jpg

A HOME for Music Business Entrepreneurs

Creative Coworking Membership offers music related professionals an unbeatable value that includes:

  • 24/7 access to HOME HQ coworking space.

  • overflow access to Center 615.

  • free coffee and high speed internet.

  • business networking opportunities.

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