Co-working space


Leave your distracting house and yapping dogs (that you love dearly) and enjoy our open, productive work spaces.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy complimentary WiFi and free, unlimited coffee from Revelator Coffee Co. Fully equipped with plenty of outlets for those multiplying chargers, at our Homie's Lounge, both you and your laptop will always be completely charged.

Along with our abundant outlets, our space has multiple seat/chair/couch and table options, allowing you to find that perfect spot to be as productive as you can possibly be. Our decorative interior and art-decked walls add that extra touch of inspiration and creative flow. Not to mention the friendly warmth of fellow homies.

Plus, just steps away from several food options at Five Points and on Main Street, our central yet tucked away location is perfect for having everything you need without the hustle and bustle of a main road. Or if you prefer the sack lunch route, we also have a refrigerator and microwave to keep that food fresh, hot, and tasty.

If you need a completely quiet, closed-off room for just you or for a meeting,

the Center 615 conference rooms have your back. Members can enjoy a plethora of discounted rooms, having an option for every sort of situation or need.

Want a room with an 80-inch LED screen? You got it.

Want a room with dry erase walls? You got it.

Want a room with a lightsaber outside the door? You got it.

And if you happen to get bored and need a good, refreshing break, we have human-sized Jenga and Connect Four, along with a Pool Table, Ping-Pong Table, a Shuffle Board Table, and many other board games (that often make an appearance on our Thursday Variety Nights) to get those brain juices flowing again.

Did I mention free coffee provided by Revelator Coffee Company?

Become a member to enjoy these amazing perks!