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Connect, work, and grow in one place…

at an unbeatable price.


Don’t empty your wallet by jumping from place to place.

Have financial freedom and flexibility to do what you love.

Discover that networking comes naturally.

Save time Googling and comparing prices.

The hospitality and utilities provided made the experience feel very comfortable while maintaining a high quality, organized, and professional value of production.
HOME is a phenomenal concept that gives members a base of operations for all of our practical needs. From rehearsal space to a recording studio, HOME has it all. I’m so stoked this concept came to East Nashville!
— Matthew Ferranti (Multi-Instrumentalist for Brett Young)
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Financial Freedom and Flexibility

It's simple: make more money than you spend. We offer the most affordable membership rates in Nashville as a non-profit organization so that you can set your finances free.


Networking that Comes Naturally

Say goodbye to awkward meetups. Genuinely connect with HOME members who are working on their passion just like you. 

A Central Base of Operations

The search is over. Rest assured that we have the resources you need all in one convenient location in the heart of East Nashville.


Grow your music business the smart way

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Unbeatable Rates

Coworking memberships are $150 per month for 24/7 entry and include access to book Nashville’s most affordable musician resources like studio time.


Event Space Turned Coworking

We have desks, chairs, monitors, a printer and more all in a unique space for you to get work done and connect with the right people to grow your business.


The Most Valuable Musician Resources

HOME has a state-of-the-art studio, rehearsal room, and event space along with workshops, industry mentorships, and more available to you and your team.


Put your money to work and get everything done.

Did we mention we have free coffee? 

No obligations! Come for a short visit and let HOME speak for itself :)