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HOME has everything you need to grow your music career under one roof.

Whether you are a touring musician looking for a place to rehearse, a producer in need of an iso-booth, or an entrepreneur looking to build your team, HOME has a membership that is designed to solve your problems and accommodate your professional goals.

Click the link below that best describes your needs.

If you have a busy schedule and are hoping to utilize HOME for networking, programs, and evening hang space, Creative membership is the perfect place to start!

If you are an active songwriter in need of a professional space to write, record, and showcase your talent, Creative Cowriting membership is ideal.

Creative Production membership is designed to grow your network while providing a professional solution for tracking vocals, recording live bands, and creating content.

If you’ve ditched the 9-5 and you need a guaranteed seat to work alongside other music professionals, Creative Coworking membership is perfect for you.

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