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It may take a little bit of time to get your request approved. Please check back on the room calendar you requested in order to verify that your session has been booked.

Due to wear and tear on rooms, events/hangs are not permitted. Please use the recreational hall, courtyard, and/or roof deck for these activities.

Professional business activities ONLY. Not following these guidelines can lead to loss of access and member privileges .

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Rooms should be left clean and tidy after use.



Switch on the exterior lightsaber to let others know you mean business in the Vogon Room.

- Seats 2 to 9 people

- 8-foot table

- 7 chairs (plus two buoy chairs)

- 50-inch LED display

- Glass dry-erase board (movable)

- Wifi and hardwire connections

Deep Thought -3-600x389.jpg

Deep Thought

Ideal for brainstorming sessions, the Deep Thought Room is uniquely designed to aid in the creative process as you develop ideas on the floor to ceiling whiteboard walls.

Seats 2 to 8 people

- 8-foot table

- 6 chairs

- Whiteboard walls

- Wifi and hardwire connections

Draper C615 2.jpg


Channel your inner Don or Peggy and host a meeting in Mad Men style in the Draper Room. Wet bar not included... yet.

- Seats 2 to 10 people

- 10-foot table

- 7 chairs

- 60-inch LED display

- Dry-erase board

- Wifi and hardwire connections

Trillian 600x406.jpg


Trillian has everything you need whether you’re meeting potential clients, giving a presentation, or having a round table discussion

- Seats 2 to 8 people

- 8-foot table

- 6 chairs

- 60-inch LED display

- Dry-erase board

- Wifi and hardwire connections

Zaphod C615 -600x400.jpg


Comfortable tablet arm chairs and an 80-inch LED display with surround sound capability makes Zaphod the perfect setting for film screenings, presentations or training sessions. You won’t want your meeting to end!


- Seats 2 to 14 people

- 10 tablet arm chairs

- 80-inch LED display

- Dry-erase board

- Wifi and hardwire connections

hitchiker -600x400.jpg


It’s all talk and no frills in the Hitchhiker Room. Get down to business.

- Seats 2 to 5 people

- 5.5-foot table

- 4 chairs

- Wifi and hardwire connections