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They say networking is the key to success, and we agree.

Multiply your network and gain access to a growing database of over 200 music industry contacts in a highly searchable member directory for only…


The HOME platform is designed to help the music community worldwide make new connections, find new resources, and gain new fans.

HOME Community members also gain access to book HOME Creative Rooms online Monday - Friday 10a-7p, as well as discounts on coworking, music feedback, and mentoring.

Stop by HOME HQ Tuesday nights for our weekly workshop. Community Membership gets you free access to one event each month! 

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If you are looking for talented professionals and passionate music lovers to support your next project, our directory can point you in the right direction.

Learn more about your Homies by checking out their bios, reading reviews, following their posts, and listening to their music.

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We have taken the guesswork out of networking. Our unique member database helps you find qualified leads by using tags for skills, resources, genres, and instruments.

Add links to drive traffic to your social media and online pages and expand your clientele.

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Promote your show, sell your gear, and announce new projects to the entire HOME community by using the Homie newsfeed. 

Share your voice with the music community and know that everyone can see it. No algorithm. No ads. Just real helpful human beings.