“HOME is a place for Nashville musicians to connect, create and collaborate with the future of the music industry. It’s the first non-profit I’ve ever seen with the express goal of helping musicians build their network, while providing the tools and facilities to produce new content and grow their career. If you’re a musician in Nashville, you owe it to yourself to go HOME.”

-Nathan Adam, Professor of Audio Engineering at Belmont University and Founder of Multi-Platinum.com

Some of our supporters:

What we offer HOME members:

A Music Business Network

We are building a highly searchable online network and physical community of players, performers, producers, professionals, and patrons that can help you build your team and accomplish your goals.

Education and Mentorship

Members will have the opportunity to learn production techniques from industry pros, attend music business seminars, and find guidance from our music mentors.

Access to the HOME Production Facility

By becoming a member of the HOME Production Accelerator you will gain 24/7 access to a recording studio, rehearsal space, common areas, and a performance venue where you can work on your projects and showcase your art.

HOME Charter Membership Application Deadline








The first H.O.M.E. facility opens January 2018 at Center 615 in East Nashville!

It is free to apply and there is no obligation to become a member!

There is limited availability for these memberships.
We are offering charter member rates for:
200 PA members
50 AA members
50 BA members
Don’t miss this incredible opportunity!

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